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Basically Get Free Solar!

  • Cut your electricity bill Month-1.
  • NO MONEY DOWN; use 'House Money' for free solar!
  • Increase the value of your home $20-$40k.

Money Saving Facts:

1. For the first time in history solar electricity is cheaper than your current utility company.


1. Sign Up For A Free Proposal.

2. Pick The Deal You Like.

3. Schedule Your Installation.


2. Why are you renting electricity when you can own it? - - - Think about this!

When you pay month after month to the Electric Company you, in essence, never own the electricity. You have to pay every month when the bills arrive in your mailbox. It will never end. You can never own it. Those electric bills keep coming FOREVER and the price of electricity rises each year at least 3% or more ... and when you compound 3%-5% per year after year it becomes crazy to pay these bills. So why not own the electricity and quit renting!!!

3. Let's make this all very easy right now:

First, when we know who you are and where you live, then the only thing we need to know is how much you are paying for electricity - that is - what are your average bills costing you each month?  From there, we can do a written proposal for you - email it to you, and set up a consultation with one of our engineers to answer all of your questions over the phone.


$10's of Thousands in Savings

$10's of Thousands increase in your home's value!!!

     ALL WITH 'House' Money!!!

What You Should Know

“A Truly Win-Win Experience.”

Great guys and great professional crew. Before I knew it we were green, saving money, and instead of paying the IRS etc. we went solar. I recommend GoSolar to everyone. — T.C. 

“Very, very impressive workmanship!”

I was bombarded by sales folks trying to get me to go solar. So I did my own research and quickly learned that I want the best system installed by real professionals. From my solar advisor, to the actual techs, these guys were awesome. — M.T.

"The Best SMART HOME Technology"

Integrated is where you want to go to get a cohesive smart home solution. Besides just Solar, the EMP devices that have patents made a huge difference on our home. You can't find this kind of service anywhere else and have it installed as a package. GoSolar is awesome. - B.G.

“Saving Saving and Saving.”

When I switched to solar, I was thrilled to be saving thousands a year. I simply switched TO WHOM that I was paying money to, and got solar on my home for less than my previous bills. Thank you! — B.A. 

“Professional Service & Guidance.”

Bottom line—this has been a sound environmental and financial decision on our part, and I would recommend these 'GoSolar' guys to anyone who is thinking about going solar. It has been a great partnership. — S.M. 

“Super Happy customer.”

I couldn’t be more pleased by the job done by everyone associated with GoSolar.  The CREW was fantastic – professional, productive, and friendly.  — R.T. 

Details You Want To Know

"House Money"

This is a phrase that means you are using money other than your own to go solar. Instead of paying the electric company, the State income taxes, and/or the Federal IRS taxes, you can use that money to go solar, and ultimately save a ton of money (plus help our planet). Going solar really is a 'no brainer'. 

Truly Nothing Down

With Federal & State Tax Credits, you basically are using 'House Money' to go solar. With many options to fit your needs, you can actually cut your monthly payment that you were normally paying for your electric bill - and go solar without a dime out of pocket!

Fed Tax Credits & State

The Feds pay 30% for you to go solar and you can use this credit over 2 years. States have incentives also on top of Federal Tax Credits. Wow, instead of paying government/IRS, you can use that same money to go solar, help save the planet, and cut your expenses!

Your Income & Tax Credits

You need to have enough income in order to USE the Fed Tax Credits over 1-2 years. States have more incentives like SC has tax credits that can be used over 10 years. But you need to have the income and tax liability to be able to use these credits instead of paying taxes - part of using 'House Money' to go solar.

HomeOwner & Credit

You must own your home or building. Yes, we also do commercial (contact us). You need to have modest-to-good credit (about 680+) unless you have your own financing, or choose to pay cash (large discount). But your payment will be less than your electric bill is now! 

Each State & House is Different

Every state has different incentives. Obviously every house has different roof lines, angles, and amounts of sunshine. Each house has differing use of electricity. We use your last 12 months electric bills as part of our proposal to you - customized just for your home.

Send Me A Quote Via Email

Free Proposal and No Risk or Obligation to you. No rep will come to your home; simply receive our proposal via email in the privacy of your own home. Then you can talk to one of our engineers on the phone if you wish to continue. This is the way it's supposed to be ... straight talk & no stress! We need your Name & Address & Phone, email to send the proposal to, and your average monthly electric bill amount.

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